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  • If You Can Negotiate For A Car… You Can Negotiate For Anything
    Who Chooses Your Family’s Peanut Butter? … Can’t quite get the hubby or your (male) significant-other-half to choose between JIF or Skippy Peanut Butter? That’s because even if we don’t know the exact national stats and metrics, we certainly know that in our own households, women hold the distinction of making or influencing the majority of household decisions. And not Continue Reading
  • Can You say WIFM?
    What to Say to Your Friends When You Ask Them to Go to a Mustang Sally’s Now Event … Why is this night different from all other nights? Passover is so done for the year, so we won’t chant the Four Questions but we will answer this one important question. Why come to an MSN event, especially since there are Continue Reading

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  • Mustang Sally's Now teaches you how to pump your own gas - of course, when you're out of NJ, since we're spoiled 😉    

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