Can You say WIFM?

WTF is MSN & Why Is It For Me?What to Say to Your Friends When You Ask Them to Go to a Mustang Sally’s Now Event …

Why is this night different from all other nights?

Passover is so done for the year, so we won’t chant the Four Questions but we will answer this one important question. Why come to an MSN event, especially since there are a lot of great networking opportunities for women (in fact you’ll see us at a bunch of them)?

Can You say WIFM?

It’s all about the WIFM, that’s what people really want to know: What’s In It For Me? So, here’s a Quick WIFY (What’s In it For You):

This is Where Business is Made

For Starters, MSN events gather women of many generations from Essex, Morris, Union and Somerset counties who meet in a comfy room to connect, chat and engage with other brilliantly like-minded women. Friendships are built and business is made. Take it from marketing guru Sonali Pundalik, who walked in as an event speaker at “Communicating Your Message Beyond Social Media” and walked out with a client. “I was able to connect with several other women to discuss their journeys and possible collaboration opportunities,” said Pundalik, whose company, Splendid Circle, provides strategic counsel to businesses. “One of those conversations led to a new client for me who is interested in launching her new business in a smart way.” Booya!

You’ll Never Hear Trump Speak at an MSN event 

But you may hear from an Olympic athlete, female police officer, car tech and a host of other interesting folks. Yes, Jillian Loyden of the US Women’s National Soccer Team talked about confidence and what it was like to play at the Olympics and Police Office Karen Moro spoke about car emergencies. We’ve laughed, cried and changed car tires together, all in the name of helping women build confidence in life … and around the car experience.

Someone will have their 15 Minutes of Fame

You actually get more than 15 minutes if you win our exclusive “Driving Leaders” raffle at the end of the event. Yup, our “Driving Leaders” raffle is all about helping women promote their business or a charity of their choice. How? We make a short vid or slide show about your biz and then show it on our 12, large-screen TV monitors throughout the day for 2 months. Since we work at a car dealership and see about 3,000 people a month, that’s a lot of eyeballs looking at your marketing message … And if you don’t have a small biz to promote, give the opportunity to a charity that you support.

And speaking of charities, this is one place where you can feel good about leaving something behind

… a voluntary donation to the United Way Northern New Jersey Women’s Leadership Council. We don’t charge for our events but we do ask everyone to consider making a charitable donation to this awesome cause. The next time you go to the grocery store or get your nails done or take your child to day care, think about the people who help you. They just may be a member of the A.L.I.C.E. population (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed), and those are the people we help.

And then there’s the food

At 6:00 pm who wants to cook dinner? Lesly Pogany of Bunny’s Sports and Grill, a five-generation, woman-owned restaurant in South Orange does! She provides a delish meal for all. Another Booya!

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